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Chuk products are fully compostable, made from agricultural residue, and manufactured with bio fuels—could you imagine a better product? We did. In addition to all the environmental advantages of Chuk products, we also ensured a unique, thoughtful design and competitive pricing.

Right now we provide egg trays, table ware and bags Learn More

You have important things in your life you want to keep safe, tidy, hygienic and even attractive. We provide wrapping papers for soaps from Unilever and others, apples in the Middle East and Asia, and even paper coverings for surgical gloves. You have another item you need safely wrapped? Don't worry- we got you covered. Learn More
You need a bag that works. It has to do the job carrying things safely and at a price that also works. We provide bags and sachets for McDonalds, Barista, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, and others. We also keep your tea fresh with quality tea bag covers. You need another item? Don't worry- we got you covered. Learn More
You need a specialty paper to do the right job. We get that. For the last ten years our R&D department has worked to solve many of the challenges you have. You needed special anti-rust paper for auto parts- we've done it. You needed reliable gum tape-- we can provide the paper. You needed to present flowers with a beautiful paper that holds-- we have some Learn More
You need some pulp? We got it. Our pulp is made from 100% agricultural residue from our local area. We use sugar cane and wheat straw which means not only is your pulp strong enough to do the job, it costs the same as tree pulp. Come get pulp from us. Learn More

Let’s change the world

It’s simple. We want to make the world a better place. Our opportunity is to produce lots of compostable packaging so that whatever gets thrown is good garbage. We need to use stuff-- why not make it good for the earth and our health too. Is there some part you can play?

At Yash Papers we care about all people we connect with. More


Our business measures its success every day by how we are reducing our environmental impact. More


At the end of the day, to be a sustainable business, you have to make profits to stay in business. More


June 25, 2016
Ved Krishna & Anil Gupta had a meeting of Udyog Bandhu


October 16, 2015
Paperex (November 01-04, 2015), Hall No. 11, Stall No. 1137, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

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